Local Cuisine

The South West of France is a gastronomic paradise, and at La Maison Paul we embrace the traditions and produce at our fingertips.

The taste of the South West is rich and hearty, with Basque influences being very evident. Farmers take a particular pride in livestock-rearing. This part of France is renowned for hand-reared veal, organic beef and superb confits of duck, goose and pork. Pink garlic and crisp white asparagus are also regular additions to the pot. The area is famous, (or infamous) for the production of Foie Gras – big business in many rural parts of the South West. On the other hand, vegetarians are also well catered for with an abundance of gloriously fresh fruit and vegetables available at local markets – as are first-rate cheeses from the Pyrénées. Some of our favourites are Tomme des Pyrénées, Ardi-Gasna and Crottin du Poivre, but we continue to discover more varieties all the time.

If you want to avail yourself of the excellent cooking facilities at La Maison Paul, you’ll also find a library full of books on food and wine. Pick a recipe, and head to the local markets – or read on for some our favourite dishes.

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